You will assess and reflect on digital learning technologies central to current trends in education theory and practice. This three-year degree from Swansea University will teach you how elements of computing can be applied to education and wider society, and ultimately help you find your place in an ever-shifting technological and educational landscape. Pretty much everything is now computerized; students attend classes and take exams online.

The students employ research skills developed during the module to gather research from a variety of sources and critically review this literature. Embedded in all these activities is the reinforcement of the need for adhering to recognised ethical standards and taking a professional approach to employability. Courses are continually reviewed to take advantage of new teaching approaches and developments in research, industry and the professions.

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Classroom computer monitoring software has a unique feature called analytical report that provides teachers with updates on everybody’s progress. The feedback is systematic, and the report is generated automatically, so there is no risk of error. The concept of being able to monitor the activity of every computer in the class seemed almost too good to be true. Such software translates the concept of classroom computer monitoring into reality and actually allows me to monitor and record students’ activity on each computer. It’s your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your application before submission. Requests to correct application content, change degree programme or change college of entry, will not be accepted after these deadlines.

  • Keeping track of every student’s progress is challenging and pretty much impossible.
  • Fees for full time Undergraduate International students will increase by 3% for each subsequent year of study.
  • This Code of Conduct should be observed by all users of software and/or computer readable datasets, hereafter referred to as ‘Product’ that has been issued or made available to them by the Institution.
  • As exciting as the concept of computer monitoring is, it’s not the only thing teachers need from classroom monitoring software.

It’s vital for parents to keep an eye on their children and make sure they don’t get distracted by the Internet during school hours or refuse to focus on their lessons. Classroom Spy – software that enables teachers to monitor the computer activity of their students with a free 30-day trial. If you’re a teacher as well, I highly recommend you to reach out to your school’s authorities and discuss the option of implementing such software, highlighting its positive effects on the students’ behavior and performance.

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For more information on the accommodation criteria, please see theAccommodation Services sectionon the website. The University of Glasgow has up to 30 undergraduate scholarships available for students of African/African-Caribbean backgrounds. The scholarship supports students who could face financial difficulties taking up their place to study at the university.