Could a reboot make social media a nicer place?


These new camera equipped sunglasses capture video with a lens that mimics the human eye, though when viewed on a phone they can be cropped in either landscape or vertical view. This year may see ‘round video’ emerge as a new standard or disappear without trace but the renamed Snap Inc remains the most talked about company in Silicon Valley and is set for a lively IPO in 2017. Instagram introduced live streaming in 2016 while Twitter added 360 degree live video within Periscope and has made live streaming a core audience and revenue focus for the company.

We investigate attitudes to news delivered by social media, and subsequent verification strategies applied, or not applied, by individuals. A survey reveals that two thirds of respondents regularly consumed news via Facebook, and that one third had at some point come across fake news that they initially believed to be true. An analysis task involving news presented via Facebook reveals a diverse range of judgement forming strategies, with participants relying on personal judgements as to plausibility and scepticism around sources and journalistic style. This reflects a shift away from traditional methods of accessing the news, and highlights the difficulties in combating the spread of fake news.


Degree requirementsBachelors degree with an overall mark of at least 50-65% depending on your university. Degree requirementsBachelors degree from a university with an overall grade of at least 70%. BSc Computer Games Technology has been accredited by TIGA, the non-profit trade association representing the video games industry. The accreditation indicates that the course has been assessed and produces industry-ready graduates for the gaming sector. Trenton Systems’ Military Servers and Computers We are pleased to announce we have been named as the sole UK partner of Trenton Systems. Specialising in the design and manufacture of rugged rackmount computers for industrial…

  • While CEO Tim Cook talks about VR’s ‘interesting applications’ he seems to believe that AR will ultimately be bigger because it enables you to be “very present” when using the technology.
  • Reliable data is also a concern with Facebook having to apologise for overstating how much time, on average its users were spending watching videos.
  • The big mobile players are set to replace the manufacturer branded in car entertainment systems.
  • We also predicted the growth of professionally produced vertical and square video.

Three research ‘Circuits’ have investigated the role of ‘data’, ‘time’ and ‘objects’ within these narratives. The Digital Atelier aims to generate responses to the three ‘Circuit’ themes within the project. Each a provocation, an extension, or a realisation to the theories and insights of the project, each unsettling as much as demonstrating our new understanding of computing history in the museum.


With print advertising set to decline further this year, news organisations will need to a) squeeze more money directly from existing customers, b) persuade new customers to start paying or c) launch new services. “our digital eco-systems have evolved into a near perfect environment for distorted and false news to thrive”. Publishers force more people to sign-in/register for websites and apps as well as investing heavily in data to help deliver more personalised content and messaging.

As if the threat of terrorism is not enough, our increased reliance on technology is making us more open to cyber-attacks and information wars. A spectacular attack on a government or major financial institution is a distinct possibility in the year ahead. A report by Merrill Lynch projected that driverless taxis will account for over 43% of all new car sales within the next two decades.

Messaging Applications and News Bots

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for new ideas, he says, “but general media properties, even those focused on the desirable millennial demographic will struggle to get more funding”. In the United States, almost all the growth (99%) in digital advertising went to Google or Facebook between the third quarter of 2015 and the same period in 2016. Publishers ended the year desperately trying to work out how they can make money as we move faster than ever from print to digital and from an internet of websites to an internet of smartphone apps and social platforms. Graduating with a digital news and media degree will enable you to explore a career in lots of different industries. Media and journalism skills are particularly sought after in the areas of journalism, publishing, public relations and marketing. Additionally, as data becomes ever more important, business is always on the lookout for those who can make the numbers sing.