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At the start of the year, we took an in-depth look at how the pandemic changed our attitudes to spending, eating and cooking with a huge surge in home cooking. Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets. She was born to feed the raw need Indians have for tiffins full of fresh bright intense flavour. Mowgli is not about the intimate, hushed dining experience. It is about the smash and grab zing of healthy, light, virtuosic herbs and spices.

I’m Fabienne, and I have loved food, cooking and inventing recipes since I was a young girl. I grew up in Paris, the youngest of seven children, with a Tunisian-born mother and an Italian father. Given my heritage it’s no surprise that my food is packed with Mediterranean, North African and Middle Eastern flavours. Arrived on time,very good condition,Great recipes will enjoy cooking them for family and friends.Thank you. This book has the ability to actually make you believe that Rachel is by your side, talking you through the recipes – just like she does in her television programme. This book takes you through a selection of recipes,for Breakfasts,through to Suppers,and then snacks,treats,sweets.

Quorn Vegetarian Chicken Pieces Lemon and Chilli Linguine

In fact, when it comes to British ‘meat and two veg’, the sides take up most of the plate, so it seems pretty negligent to only ever cook the same, bland things. I am no vegetarian and nor do I ever see myself as one – however, as I get older I find myself struggling when eating too much meat. We are globally guilty of meat-overload and that is why I try and cook less of it at home and only really eat meat when I crave it (and usually, when I can get well-reared meat).

  • Simply heat one of our 4 great tasting sauces, and stir into our pasta farm and you’re good to go!
  • Once you’ve got your kit, your ingredients and your scales, it’s easy to make everything taste great and look fantastic.
  • A simple, stripped-back approach can be just, if not more, effective.
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  • Provide support to service users when preparing food and cooking.

Try Quorn Crunchy Fillet Burgers in this flavoursome dish, made with homemade creamy katsu curry sauce. This delicious vegan katsu curry is both packed full of flavour and is sure to be a family favourite. With taste and texture so chicken like you won’t believe Quorn Crunchy Fillet Burgers aren’t chicken! Serve with your favourite sticky rice or pre-made if you’re short on time. This hands-on class is a perfect introduction to Indian home-cooking for beginners and more experienced cooks. In this class you will learn to make a full Indian meal including four classic Indian recipes from scratch using fresh ingredients.

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For this reason, try to avoid grilling meat, as it just doesn’t provide that hit of heat that you’re after. An ever-growing, crazily diverse collection of other people’s knowledge. An efficient one, admittedly, and one schooled in a vast breadth of cuisines, but for all the breadth, the depth was lacking. Cutting meat out of a meal is never an easy thing for a Persian or Middle Eastern cook to have to do.

How to make the most of your meat

Yuzu is a wonderful, distinctive Japanese citrus fruit with an aromatic rind, which we pair with fresh lychees to make our lychee and yuzu ‘martini’. Another idea is to pair rosemary and pomegranate and add alcohol-free sparkling wine (yes, it’s a thing) to create a classy but booze-free version of a kir royale. All the recipes in this book have been tested by children, so if your child is nine or ten or older, they should be able to follow most of the recipes by themselves.