Small Business: 5 Online Business Ideas


Small Business: 5 Online Business Ideas

Are you looking for an online business idea with a low budget? With a small business, we can get profitable opportunities today.

During this pandemic, the global community relies on the internet for activities. With the internet, you can do work, school, and even meetings. Many people are starting to build online businesses. Running an online business can also achieve greater profits than an offline business.

The reason is, that the operational costs to drive an online business are much smaller than doing business offline.

Selling goods or services in the marketplace

The first online business idea with small capital is to sell goods or services in the marketplace. Of course, this is not a foreign thing, buying and selling online is commonplace for the community.

Take advantage of online buying and selling sites such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, and others. In addition to goods, we can sell services online. Sell ​​your services through service provider marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, 99Design, and many others. No need for big capital, just create an account on an online buying and selling site, then start running your business.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is much needed today for branding and promotion purposes. Therefore, anyone who has the ability in this field has the potential to make big profits.
If you have these skills, try to start actively offering them through social media or platforms that connect service providers with consumers.


Working as a drop shipper is increasingly popular and many appear in the midst selling goods through the internet. The dropship system allows someone not to keep stock of goods, but simply by ordering them when there is an order from the buyer.
In contrast to resellers who have to buy and store the goods to be sold, Dropshippers can directly sell products with pictures and product specifications to consumers.

Website Development Services

Having expertise in HTML, CMS, programming, and the like is very much needed in the era of digital technology as it is now. Many business owners need people who are experts in these fields. Therefore, opening a website creation service can get quite a big profit.

Content writer

Not only creating a website, but we also have to have the expertise to fill content on a website, social media, and so on. Therefore, having writing skills and understanding SEO is very important for anyone who wants to work in the digital world.

The main capital of this work is a device such as a laptop or a smartphone and of course an internet connection.